Code of Practice – Proof of Compliance

This Code of Practice is not exclusive to one particular organisation. All organisers of off road motorcycle events are encouraged to agree and sign up to this Code. By signing up to this Code of Practice, a proposer, organizer or promoter of an off road motorcycle event is confirming that they operate to the minimum standards outlined in this Code of Practice.

Farmers, Land Owners and Local Authorities are also encouraged to ensure that all proposers, organizers and promoters of such off road motorcycle events in their area or on their land is a signatory to this Code. This can be done by asking to see all of the following:
  1. The Authorisation Permit for the event which will bear the name of one of the issuing Authorities who has signed up to this code AND,

  2. The Club will have a certificate of affiliation to their Governing Body or Association which confirms compliance with the Code AND,

  3. The club will be listed on this web site
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