• Minimum insurance must include:
o Up to a Limit of Indemnity of £10,000,000, for each and every claim, which covers the organising body, plus:
o Local Association Club,
o Any Official carrying out duties at the Insured event,
o rescue organisations or their personnel,
o the promoters and sponsors of the Insured event,
o participants (and their pit and service personnel) authorised to compete in the Insured event,

• A full indemnification for the Occupiers as joint insured in respect of claims arising from the event or injury caused on his land/property. There must also be full Personal Injury protection for all event Officials.

• This insurance must also include an Authorisation Permit, issued by the Authorising Body to which the organiser is fully affiliated, which temporarily suspends the specified elements of the 1995 Road Traffic Act in relation to the use of motor vehicles in an event. Permits help ensure event organisers and promoters involved in any type of auto or motorcycle leisure, comply with the law and the Motor Vehicles (Off Road Event) Regulations 1995 in particular.

• Motorcycle Sporting Event Organisers should not be permitted to use land for organised events without evidence of adequate insurance and Authorising Permit.

• All Event Organisers must be able to produce evidence of insurance cover and Authorising Permit Issued by the Governing Body or Association to which they are properly affiliated.

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